Wheter you want to open a personal or a business bank account, we can help you choose the most suitable destination. An agent working with many banks.


SINCE 1997 | We support you in opening a personal or business offshore bank account

Opening an offshore bank account for individuals

* Receive commissions for your services

* Deposit the gains from your asset sales

* Make your savings grow with complete peace of mind

* Limit your exchange costs when you travel

* Open an expatriate bank account

Whatever your profile, we help you find and implement the most appropriate solution for your situation, guaranteeing complete confidentiality.

Opening an offshore bank account for companies

* Open an offshore bank account for your offshore business or your Delaware

* Give your British company credibility with an account in the United Kingdom

* Optimise the management of your French company's funds

* Protect your company's assets and make them grow

Whether you have already started the process or not, our advisors are at your disposal to help you achieve your objectives.

We are concerned about privacy on the first contact. You can click on the button below to receive additional information about our services and a study for your situation without obligation on your part and discreetly.